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Treasure Chest of Professionals Short Stories.

Reviews of The New Professionals can now be found here

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Special thanks to Carol for all her truly invaluable help with organising and equipping the event. (October 25th 2000)

There are some great CI5 sites around! Here are some I particularly like...

Renate's CI5 Site

In both German and English. Lots of fun!

The Authorised Professionals Website

Dave Matthews ultimate CI5 site. Everything you could ever want to know about The Professionals - the Original Series, The New Professionals, actor biographies, the cars, the episodes... This site is great!

For a stylish, informative and wonderfully creative site dedicated to The New Professionals, check out

CI5 Operational Control

And be sure to check out Carol's Pages for a great read!

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Random Ramblings

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Welcome to the Filing Cabinet - and beware of the Cow...


      I have to declare that the principal characters depicted in these pages were not devised or created by me, and do not exist in what is generally called The Real World (although I have my own ideas about the accuracy and validity of that term...) I offer thanks to the Creators of The Professionals (if I try to name names I'm bound to get it wrong or miss someone out, so forgive me for being so impersonal), and particularly to Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins, and the sadly missed Gordon Jackson, for bringing such vibrant, unforgettable characters to life.