Seeds was the first ever Professionals/New Professionals crossover story (it seemed to set something of a trend - there have been others since). I've envisaged it as an episode, or two, or as a full length film - in other words, I've tried to make it as plausible as I possibly can, while developing the new characters and remaining true to the old.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
(With many thanks to fozzie for finding vital car and gun info for me!)
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine...
This section is dedicated to Brenda, with thanks...
Part Ten
For Carol, with thanks for all your help.
Part Eleven
With thanks to DanaJeanne for advice on Americanisms.
Part Twelve
Part 13
Many thanks indeed to Kate Irvine for infinite patience and detailed medical information. (I've adapted it slightly to fit the story, so any inaccuracies are entirely my responsibility!)
Part 14
Again, my thanks to Kate for absolutely vital bits of medical info.
Part 15
Part 16

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Feb 6th 2002: My apologies to all and sundry. Although I've written several chapters of each of the three proposed Seeds sequels, there's simply no way I'm going to have time to finish them in the foreseeable future - things have just become too busy.

My sincere thanks to Ali at the Virgin Megastore, The Galleries, Bristol, for ringing round other 'Stores to try and find me the Robin of Sherwood video with Lewis Collins (The Sheriff of Nottingham) and Martin Shaw (The Cross of St Ciricus): I had it in my hands in less than a week, thus saving me a wait of about six weeks (if I'd had to order it the usual way...). Service above and beyond the call of duty and very much appreciated!

Seeds is a labour of love. It is dedicated to Brian Clemens, one of the bright lights of British TV drama, and a man for whom I have profound respect. The principal characters in the story (with one exception) are his creations - as far as I'm aware, anyway; if I'm wrong, let me know and I'll correct the statement - not mine.

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