How to Develop Your Psychic Powers


Joules & Ken Taylor

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128 pages paperback
Colour illustrations
254 x 197mm
November 2001

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Also published by
Samuel Weiser

Text repackaged in 2007 as part of the Psychic Box gift set.

Clairvoyance is unique in the way it makes a clear distinction between the natural abilities we all undoubtedly share, and the supernatural abilities claimed by many psychics.

A good example of the distinction is dowsing - if you misplace your keys, using a pendulum may allow your subconscious to remind you in just the right spot with a subliminal twitch of the wrist. There's nothing paranormal about that, and you could develop the skill to a useful practical level. But if somebody else lost their keys, and you could dowse and find them - that would be truly magical, and could open the doors to a much wider and more mysterious world.

Clairvoyance is a detailed DIY guide exploring a wide variety of clairvoyant abilities and techniques, enabling you to understand what this powerful ability is, and how it may be used as an asset in everyday life.

Literally 'clear seeing', clairvoyance is the faculty of the mind to see beyond superficial appearances. This is something we all do naturally, to a greater or lesser extent; and much of the subject belongs more to the realm of psychology than parapsychology. Like any mental ability, clairvoyance can be developed with exercise, and it can be expanded into every area of life that could benefit from a little extra insight.

Using everyday language and presenting a rich diversity of anecdote and illustrations, this book provides a step by step approach to strengthening our innate clairvoyance, as well as the opportunity to try a wide range of fascinating activities and experiments. Each subject is accompanied by exercises that you can try at home and/or work. Although most are intended for use on your own or with a friend, there are also a number that are suitable for groups and even party games! The emphasis is on practical applications to everyday situations.

Importantly, clairvoyance has the potential to free people from spiritual blindness - so that we are no longer condemned to repeat past mistakes, miss new opportunities, or fall prey to seductive yet perilous illusions. Ultimately, perhaps, we might not only come to recognise the immanence of the divine in nature, but also to see it clearly in ourselves...

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Chapters include...

Introduction - Includes a questionnaire to establish whether you have had any previous clairvoyant experience or have particular psychic aptitudes; you are then guided to your own personalised voyage through the many varieties of clairvoyance detailed in the book.

Touching and Feeling - how to read body language; how to use crystal pendulum dowsing; healing yourself and others by the power of thought and projected emotions.

Sensitivity and the Subconscious - telepathy; visions; harnessing the power of dreaming.

Sense and Rationality - Tarot; astrology; synchronicity and déjà vu.

The Will to Succeed - talismans; affirmations and the hypnotic power of auto suggestion; psychokinesis.

Reaching Out - sensing and seeing auras; psychometry; ghosts and spiritual beings; astral travel; sacred landscape (including ley lines); communicating with other species - ranging from animals and plant devas, to extra-terrestrials...

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