The Psychic Box


Joules & Ken Taylor

book front cover

Published by Connections
Publication date September 2007
Boxed set 92 x 92 x 92mm

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The flag of United Kingdom. English Front cover of publication. Psychic Box
The flag of France. French Front cover of publication. Développez vos Pouvoirs Psychiques

Boxed Set of 384 page book, 'crystal' ball, pack of Zener Cards

This Book-in-a-Box contains the full text of Clairvoyance, a detailed guide to psychic abilities. Beginning with a brief questionnaire to determine your current levels of clairvoyant aptitude, the five chapters offer a wealth of insights and tips on numerous branches of clairvoyance.

Each aspect of clairvoyance has two sides: firstly there are the abilities that everybody can develop, simply by paying attention to subtle, even subconscious factors that enhance our lives by making us more aware of opportunities. The other side of clairvoyance is the famous one, of seemingly magical abilities such as extra sensory perception and astral travel.

This new version of the book features a special section on crystal gazing using a crystal ball as a scrying stone. And the box contains a small glass sphere that can be used in this way.

The Psychic Box also contains a full pack of Zener cards, used for over 70 years to investigate paranormal abilities. A new booklet written by Ken Taylor explains how to use these twenty-five cards to test for psychometry, telepathy, precognition, and psychokinesis. A simple yet accurate method of 'scoring' the results enables you to keep track of how your skills develop over time.

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