Short Stories

From the dark things lurking in the cellars of our minds, to the bright and cheery sunlight streaming through the loft windows on a hot summer day - come share some dreams with us.....

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Fantasy Stories

Joules and Sylverthorne:
art and inspiration by Valkyrie and Sylverthorne
Flight and Fancy
Joules and Lutra:
art and inspiration by Valkyrie

Sci-Fi Stories

The Poppy Tales(Transformer-inspired fun)
The Comics Index (Transformers: Prime mini-comics)
Other Transformers Fiction
Matrix Twins Fiction (Joules)
Strawberry Blue (Lutra)
Vacation (Joules)
White Eyrie (Joules)
Deus in Machina (Joules)
and from Lexxplorations:
"...all my ghosts..." (Joules)
Bug (Joules)
Greenwood (Joules)

Dark Tales

Elga (Lutra)
Adult rated. Updated Feb 2nd 2005.
Untitled - a wry, dry, wonderful little ficlet by Sylverthorne...


Unconditional (Stormy)
A timelessly beautiful Yu Yu Hakusho story.
Band (Joules)
A Cyber City Oedo 808 fic, although it can easily be read and enjoyed without knowing the anime. HOWEVER: this story is adult-rated - lewd, rude and full of innuendo and colourful language. Nothing too graphic, but not suitable for children. Consider yourself advised!
Illustration by Marie Bird.
Over Breakfast (Bakayaro Onna)
Poignant and serene.


Live Long and Protest (Joules)
The first Mary Sue Avenger story. Warning for three uses of language, but in a literary crit setting!

Real Life with a Twist...

"You never bought me flowers"
(Carol Good)
Future Echoes
(Carol Good)
Letter from a Bus Depot
(Amanda Burchill)
Fool's Gold
(Ken Taylor)

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